We are a group of creative and perfection hungry individuals that have come together to build a company based on equal opportunity training, innovation and a new level creativity brought from a new generation in the media industry. 

As the times change, technology changes, procedures refined and the new emerging power players are identified – we aim to not only keep up with this industry development but aim to be an industry leader in innovation. 

We keep a constant eye out for new and emerging talent both in front and behind the scenes and ensure that new generations are given the opportunity to grow into those media power players they have dreamt of becoming.  Leaders. Creatives. 

Victoras ensures collaborations are targeted per client, per brief and per job. We aim to match the best individuals to a job that suites their strengths and abilities. 

We no longer trust that one production team is suited to every brief. We believe in honing and improving the skills of individuals. We adapt our team and process to meet your needs and creative brief. 

We not only collaborate with individuals but ensure that we collaborate with companies such as Globecreative to ensure that we can give a full 360 degree production process that also includes filming (pre-production through to post production), animation, design, final mix, editing, and print.