Research >

  • We ensure that you put your money into a concept and creative that will benefit your brand.  We go to lengths to create a product that will surpass your expectations and reach the desired target audience without breaking the bank. 
  • We take on the research and development phase, include market research

Pre-Production >

  • Full shoot pre-production from location scouting, casting, contracts, voice over artists, production and shoot management, production schedules, crew and gear of the highest credentials and quality.

Crew >

  • Working in the industry over the years, we have worked with every level of crew member from small independent crews to full feature film crews. We have taken time and effort to build and enhance our relationships with both freelance crews and crew agencies. 
  • We only work with the best as well as invite young and upcoming industry professionals to join our team and gain the knowledge needed to further our industry within our country. We aren’t greedy. Connections, upliftment and evolution are the name of the game. We never sacrifice quality for quantity. 

Equipment >

  • We have the best gear sourcing rates and provide gear of the latest technology and quality to suit each and every project. 

Budget… On budget >

  • We understand that in todays economy, there is always pressure to deliver on time and under budget. We go to great lengths to source the highest quality production elements at costs that you can afford. You give us the budget and we deliver on time and on budget… Your budget. 
  • We send all costs for approval and always take your bank balance into consideration. Broke? We have a concept for that too!

Shoot, Location, Studio >

  • Are you looking for an undiscovered South African treasure of a location? We have those! We have a selection of the best location scouts to present the best locations possible that will create a show-stopping production with memorable atmosphere. 
  • Maybe you want a studio shoot? We have great relationships with some of the best and fully equipped studios in the country and abroad. 
  • None of the above perhaps? We will create it. Green screen and VR studios are the future and we can lock down the exact VR studio that your project requires. 

Audio & Final Mix >

  • So many productions will treat audio as a secondary to the imagery. Not here folks. Audio is a vital element of all broadcast and production. We make audio and final mix as much of an integral part as the video. 
  • We offer location audio, studio, voice over, sound design and final mix. 

Edit >

  • We work with both Final Cut Pro and Premier depending on the edit solution you choose, we supply and brief the correct editor with your requirements. It’s a matter of taste…

Animation >

  • The often very elusive animators. We have nurtured relationships with some of the countries best animators to ensure that every project is of the highest broadcast quality. 

Approval >

  • Are you happy? Yes – that’s not good enough. We will go back to work until you are as excited about the project as we are. We go through strict approval processes and have the option to submit your post production contracts, music cues and FCC’s should you require.

Delivery >

  • We deliver straight to your door or server.